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Meals on Wheels and Covid-19

The advent of COVID-19 has led to procedural changes in an effort to keep staff, volunteers and clients protected from transmission of the virus both within our Meals on Wheels facility and out on delivery.

At Meals on Wheels:

    • Masks are worn by all staff and volunteers
    • Gloves are worn by all in the kitchen and available to all volunteers
    • Hand sanitizer is provided
    • Temperature checks are done by all staff and volunteers working inside the building
    • Volunteers delivering meals remain socially distanced outside of the building and collect their meals, books and bags from tables set up outside under our covered entry way

On delivery volunteers will:

    • Knock on a client’s door and announce themselves
    • Place the client’s meal in a plastic bag and either hang it on the client’s door, put it in a bag the client has left for meals or on a table or chair near the door
    • Stand back and wait to make sure that the client is alright and knows that the meal is there and is able to get to it. There are a few clients who are unable to reach meals left outside and, in these cases, meals can be left just inside the door – on a table, counter or washer, for example – without having contact with the client