About Us

Meals on Wheels is a long-serving volunteer organization that prepares and delivers up to 220 freshly cooked meals, four days a week to people within our community who are incapacitated, unable to prepare and cook a nourishing meal on their own, or who have no one else on whom they can depend to do this for them. All meals provided by Meals on Wheels are low sodium. In addition, we cater to clients requiring diabetic, renal, vegetarian, vegan, allergen and gluten-free alternatives.

Our four part-time staff organize our food programme, oversee kitchen operations and coordinate our 150+ volunteers. Volunteers cook the meals, package them and deliver them piping hot to client doorsteps island wide.

Meals on Wheels develops and maintains a relationship with each individual who receives our service and with the medical and social services that frequently refer them to us.  In doing so, we help to keep a watchful eye on the health and safety of the more vulnerable in our community.

The work we do is very much a team effort and new faces are always needed and welcome. Won’t you please join us.