Our Clients Are The Heart Of Our Operation

Meals on Wheels prepares and delivers freshly-cooked meals, island-wide, to persons who are incapacitated or otherwise unable to prepare a nourishing meal on their own and who have no caregiver, friend or family member who can consistently provide this service. These are our clients.

Prospective clients are usually recommended to MoW by physicians and social workers. Without Meals on Wheels, many patients could not be released from the hospital quite so quickly – especially elderly patients who live alone. Clients may also contact MoW themselves.

Our Manager of Client Services works with prospective clients to obtain the necessary information for enrollment. This information includes a consent agreement and authorization by the client’s physician.  The physician’s form may include dietary restrictions – information we then use to tailor a meal programme. MoW prepares low sodium meals. In addition, we cater to clients requiring diabetic, renal, vegetarian, vegan, allergen and gluten-free diets.

MOW volunteers often bring treats
for our clients’ companions

A charge is made for the meals, each of which includes entrée, starch, vegetable and dessert. However, approximately 40% of all meals are donated as some clients do not have the ability to pay. Churches, service clubs, trusts and many individuals make donations specifically for client sponsorship. In some instances, meals are paid for by family members or friends. Meals on Wheels also relies on generous corporate donations and a government grant for financial support.

The generosity and concern shown by all of our donors is greatly appreciated and has, in fact, enabled us to deliver meals at no charge to our clients since the start of the COVID crisis.