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Meals on Wheels is very pleased to welcome Judy Thompson as our new Treasurer. Judy joined MOW at the end of 2021 working alongside former Treasurer Donna Amaral to ensure a seamless transition.

Over a long and dynamic career, Judy has worked in both the corporate world and with charitable organizations. Lucky for us, she is now leaning in to the latter and had this to say about the transition, “Along with my professional experience, I’ve volunteered extensively over the years for various entities, primarily supporting cash management, budgeting/accounting functions and most recently served on the Board of Trustees for another local charity. I’m nearing retirement and am no longer interested in the “professional competition” that can exists in larger corporations. Seeing so many qualified people donating their time and skills to MOW is inspiring.

”I like that the MOW Board is very involved and committed to the mission of MOW. This is probably the biggest difference for me. I like that my co-workers are a small group of intelligent and qualified people, all working independently in their areas, but still recognizing that we are a team. They’ve all made me feel very welcome.”

The job of Treasurer at Meals on Wheels is multi-faceted and includes managing the Finance, Human Resources, Administration and Compliance functions of MOW and reporting to the Board.  Clearly it is a busy, multi-hat position. So what does the new Treasurer do in her spare time?

“I love to travel. Most of my family live in the US and UK and there’s lots to explore in both countries. I’m from Minnesota and when I’m able to get back I really like hiking and canoeing in the Boundary Waters. We take an annual family vacation in January/February to Canada and, so far, all the kids still want to come along! Other places we’ve been and enjoy include Thailand, Malawi, India, Hong Kong, most of western Europe and Scotland. “

Judy and her husband David have four children (ages 23 to 30), two cats and one dog. Two of their children live in Bermuda and two in UK – one studying and one employed. At this time, the cats and dog have no plans to go abroad.