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It was a long two weeks for both our clients and our work crew but MOW’s kitchen floor was successfully replaced during a two week shut down that ended Monday, April 17th. Even with ample notice given, we understand that the closure presented challenges to our clients and we would like to thank them again for their understanding and patience during this time. 

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the businesses that carried out the renovation, our board, staff and volunteers who worked to ensure successful communication with clients and provided hands-on oversight of kitchen and pantry relocation and reinstall, and some special volunteers who also did a lot of the heavy lifting.

  • Gordon Benson of Stafford Flooring guided us through product selection, ordering and shipment. He also oversaw the removal of the old floor and installation of the new floor working with a team from Eminence Tile and Stone on the latter. The Eminence team worked through the Good Friday holiday and into the following week to prep, lay and grout the new floor.
  • C&C Solutions handled the plumbing, electric and muscle required to disconnect and move the kitchen and pantry to temporary locations then reinstall the kitchen over the new floor and reinstate the electric and plumbing. 
  • Volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Elder Faulstick, Sister Faulstick, Elder Harmon and Sister Harmon – helped empty the kitchen and pantry and move the pantry shelving.  They returned once the new floor was installed to help move shelving and supplies back into the kitchen and pantry.
  • Carol Gift, MOW Operations Manager, was responsible for coordinating the moving and storage of kitchen and pantry contents before and after the flooring job was completed. Her good work ensured everything was back in place, ready for reopening and meal delivery on April 17th.  Jahmaine Rawlins, a member of MOW’s kitchen team, was also key to the process.

Meals on Wheels is most grateful for all the hard work and dedication that went into the replacement of our kitchen and pantry flooring. Thank you to everyone involved for a job well done.