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Conduit Re may be one of Bermuda’s newest reinsurance companies but you would not know that by the impressive impact it has had on its island home in just three short years. As COO and Deputy Chief Executive Stuart Quinlan explained, when Conduit Re opened its doors in Bermuda in 2020, it was a small company with 9 staff. In 2023 they now employ 59 staff with 42 of them Bermudian or PRCs.

In 2021, the company made a further and far-reaching commitment to the community when they established the Conduit Foundation. The Foundation’s mission is to “make a positive impact on the Bermuda community by supporting organisations and outreach projects focused on the environment, diversity and inclusion initiatives, education and Bermuda’s vulnerable populations.” Meals on Wheels has been a beneficiary of the Conduit Foundation’s largesse and is most appreciative of the positive impact they’ve had on our operation.

Alexandra Porter and Cindy Fisher
of Conduit Re heading out on delivery.
One of the “hot bags” of the season donated to MOW by Conduit Re!

We are truly thankful for the financial support they have provided and were extremely pleased to be selected as one of the beneficiary charities for the 2023 Gala of Giving – an outstanding event, coordinated by Conduit Re, that raised over $310,000 for 14 local charities/non-profits. But perhaps most appreciated by MOW is the fact that every Friday, two members of the Conduit Re team drive Route 16 – delivering meals to MOW clients in the Devonshire area. Volunteer support is the life blood of Meals on Wheels and to receive this kind of commitment from the staff at Conduit significantly contributes to our ability to serve our community. Not stopping there, to ensure those hot meals make it to their destinations good and hot, Conduit also donated roomy and effective thermal bags for all routes.

So from all of us at Meals on Wheels to all of you at Conduit Re, thank you. Thank you to the  individual members of your office who give their time and energy to help those in need and thank you to your team for its commitment to community. We wish you all the happiest of holidays and a brilliant start to the new year.