An individual may be deemed vulnerable due to their age (over 65), physical or mental ability or ill health. Meals on Wheels is responsible for ensuring that those benefiting from our services are not harmed in any way through their contact with us. For this reason, all volunteers are required to have a criminal record check by the Bermuda Police Service.


All Meals on Wheels employees and volunteers have a statutory duty of care to report any suspicions they may have in relation to the abuse of vulnerable persons. In addition, we request that you follow best practices when interacting with our clients:

  • Treat the wellbeing and safety of the vulnerable persons as paramount.
  • Endeavour to avoid situations where you are alone with a vulnerable person whenever practical, especially where you are unobserved. If you are required, in an emergency situation, to do things of a personal nature for a vulnerable person you should endeavour to have someone else present. In such situations it is important that you ensure that you are sensitive to the vulnerable adult and undertake any actions with the utmost sensitivity and discretion appropriate to the abilities of the individual.
  • Please take extra care when interacting with a person who you know, or who you suspect, has dementia, to ensure your actions cannot be misinterpreted.